UPRS Group, Universal Property Recovery Specialists TruWeb Verified Reviews

March 15, 2017 - 8 minutes read

“Did What I Thought Impossible” You (UPRS Group) did what I thought to be impossible, collect funds from California – after five years of attempts from another recovery agent plus my attorney, with no results. I will forever appreciate your work. S. Gerber Cedarhurst NY

“Genious in your field” You (UPRS Group) serviced in the time you  told me it would take and today I am $28,247.13 richer, thanks to you, To sum up this note, it would not be too much to say you are a genius in your field of recovery specialist. Sy G. New York

“Truly a Miracle!” I just wanted to share with you (UPRS Group) my profound gratitude and Thanks for what is indescribably and truly a miracle. After patiently guiding me through the process and handling all of the leg work and details, I received the check. God truly does work in in mysterious ways. May He bless you and yours. Steve H. Connecticut 6/29/16

“Remarkably Smooth and Easy” Thank you again for all of your help and diligent work! It quickly became clear that you (UPRS Group) had researched the situation, and your prompt attention to this case resulted in a quite unexpected (and welcome) $22,000 in my bank account within a few weeks. The entire process was remarkably smooth and easy. Heidi M., Skokie, IL

“You Made it Easy!” This is a quick note to thank you (UPRS Group) for your work in closing out one of the problems that just lay in my drawer. You (UPRS Group) and your partners made it easy for me to work with! J. Murray Bethel, Ct.

“So Very Patient and Helpful” The check dated August 12 was in my post office box on the morning of August 14. The long awaited intricacies are done and I certainly appreciate the services rendered by UPRS. From my first contact with you, through the last, on August 12, you were so very patient and helpful on each occasion. For this, I am grateful. Kathy S. Cedarhurst NY

“Couldn’t have done it without you” Thank you so much for all of your help. We couldn’t have done this without you, We are very impressed with your services (UPRS Group) and are very grateful. Sandra R. Cleburne, TX Sandra R.

“Appreciate your hard work” I just received a check from your company (UPRS Group) and I wanted to thank you for your work in finding this money. I frankly had no idea it was out there. I grately appreciate your work and we plan to donate a portion of this “found money” to our local food bank. Please extend our appreciation to your staff of hard workers. God Bless. Patricia G. Woodbury, CT.

“Intelligence, Persistance, Innovative Thinking” Thank you so much for your great positive energy! Your intelligence, persistance, and innovtive thinking made the difference! You (UPRS Group) made a huge difference in my life!  Mike L. New York

“A Very Real Blessing” Please know that I forward this payment with much gratitude. If not for your firm (UPRS Group), I would never have known about this stock remaining. This was a very real blessing to me and my family and I the the Lord for using your firm to assist me in a financial crisis and I thank you for doing the work. Judy R. New York.

“I Really Appreciated All Your Effort” This is just a short note to “Thank You” personally for the effort that you (UPRS Group) made for me on my claim that was pending for so long with the stocks. Although service of this nature is considered routine on your part, I really appreciated all of your efforts and assistance given to me. Great job! S. O’ Leary New York

“Thank you for finding me!” This letter is to thank you (UPRS Group) first of all for finding me and second, more importantly,, for working on my behalf to secure a tidy surprise of unclaimed money. I am very grateful for your success in recovering these funds, which happened to come at the right time! Heather P. West Hartford, CT

“Thank you for this” Thank you (UPRS Group) so much for finding this for me, I’m a widow for 17 years. This will really come in handy.  Mary Q. Washington DC

“Thank you so very much” Thank you (UPRS Group) so very much for finding these unclaimed funds. Unfortunately my mother has been sick, She passed away on 11/30. This money helped to pay for her funeral. Again, thank you very much! Rebecca K. New York

“A Very Pleasant Surprise” I want to tell you (UPRS Group)  how much I appreciate you finding this money for me. It will come in handy as I am living in a rest home. It was also a very pleasant surprise! Thank you so much! Joyce R. Connecticut

“I Really Appreciate It” I wanted to thank you (UPRS Group) so much for the check. I really appreciate it. There would have been nothing after I’m gone (I’m going to be 92 in September) so when I’m gone my daughter will not have to spend for my sake. Helen A, New York

“Open, honest and straightforward” I wish to express my gratitude for you UPRS for contacting me regarding my aunt’s unclaimed life insurance policy. It has been a lengthy process through the legal system of Louisiana, however working with you has been a pleasant and rewarding experience, and I have found you to be open, honest, and straightforward with information and UPRS to be a trustworthy company. Mary M. Louisiana

“Received what was rightfully mine” Thank you (UPRS Group) for helping me retrieve the money from the Department of Treasury that was listed as abandoned for both of my deceased parents. I tried myself to do this (not knowing how much money was unclaimed) three times starting in February 2001. I sent in all of the documents that were required and kept getting a letter from the state agency with even more complicated instructions. I finally gave up and decided to let the state keep it because it seemed impossible. You called me and told me you would help get this money from the state. This would have never happened without your help. I finally received what was rightfully mine thanks to you and the UPRS group. Gary H. Connecticut


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