Reviews For Town And Country Roofing (Tumwater Wa.)

May 6, 2015 - 14 minutes read
1394 8-Aug-13 Town And Country Roofing Inc. “Professional, Kind and Competent” (Town & Country Roofing)                  Thank you Everyone! From Beginning to end, as the prospect of a new roof became a reality, your company (Town & Country Roofing) did the impressive job. Starting from the first phone call to the last visits by your crew yesterday, we appreciate how professional, kind, and competent you all have been. We love our new roof and (phew) We love the color Heather Blend. And talk about feeling a renewed sense of security against the elements! We are grateful for your fine craftsmanship, how carefully you worked on and around our home. Sincerely, Carol and John K. October 8th, 2013.
1395 10-Jul-13 Town And Country Roofing Inc. “Came Highly Recommended, I Can See Why”! (Town & Country Roofing)                                                                            Ron, The Crew just left, and I want to thank you very much for the great job. You have a really nice crew, and I’d be happy to work with you again. Conscientious, hard-working, they have a good chemistry and great attitudes, and they’re very careful about everything. The final touch was when i saw a crew member painting the furnace chimney. You know, its the little touches like that, that make the job very personal. Town and Country Roofing (Tumwater Wa.) came highly recommended, and I can sure see why! Thank you again. Loren G. review 7/10/13.
1396 15-Nov-13 Town And Country Roofing Inc. “Thanks For Protecting Our Flowers”! (Town & Country Roofing Tumwater Wa.) Thanks Ron! Really nice and super clean. My wife was very pleased to see that your crews first step was to protect her flowers! When we build our covered porch. We’ll be sure to call Town and Country Roofing (Tumwater Wa.) when it’s ready to roof. Thanks again, Trent B. Review November 15th, 2013.
1397 24-Jun-13 Town And Country Roofing Inc. “Kept Their Word”! (Town & Country Roofing Tumwater Wa.)                                                  It was amazing. The process was explained with us beforehand. The day of the work, about 9 guys appeared from Town and Country Roofing (Tumwater Wa.). The entire roof was removed and the new one installed in one day. There was not a scrap of debris left behind, and the roof is beautiful. High recommended by former client. Scheduled inspection date, reviewed several roof types & colors, presented an estimate that was acceptable. Kept his word & did his job. Cleanup was outstanding! Would definitely recommend them to anyone. Review by Marcia S. Olympia, Washington. June 24th, 2013.
1398 18-Jun-13 Town And Country Roofing Inc. “Only Ones to Offer Complete Roofing System” (Town & Country Roofing, Tumwater Wa.) The work was great! They Town and Country (Roofing) are probably the best contracting company that I have had the opportunity to work with. They did more than they said they were going to do. They didn’t charge extra and there were no surprises. They kept everything clean and cleaned up at the end of every day. The fellows were very polite and respectful. Doug, the project manager, came out and was onsite every day. He was an absolute delightful person to work with. He was involved in the tear off and the careful disposal. I had asked him if would be possible to preserve some of the tiles that were intact as I have neighbors who have the same type of roof. They (Town & Country Roofing Tumwater, Wa.) were very accommodating in helping us to palletize approximately two pallets of tiles. They were very cooperative in everything that we wanted them to do. They are the only ones who were able to offer us a complete roofing system instead of just tearing off singles. They were also the only ones who were able to give me a complete evaluation at the estimate. They stuck exactly to their estimate and there were no additional costs. They were also able to explain everything to me very thoroughly. They exceeded my expectations. I am extremely pleased with their services. Review by Chris V, Olympia, Washington. June 18th, 2013.
1399 24-Jun-14 Town And Country Roofing Inc.

They Were Awesome! (Town & Country Roofing Tumwater Wa.) They were awesome. They did a lot of extra work. I went with them because when they went through and looked at what needed to be done. They (Town and Country Roofing Tumwater Wa.) were the ones that pointed out that the support beam I had on my patio wasn’t strong enough. They just pointed out different structural flaws that they could repair. I would absolutely recommend them. They were very punctual. There was a lot of communication between the project manager and myself. He was actually out here during the whole 2 day job. He got in contact with me several times before and after to make sure that everything was okay. He took his time to explain everything to me. It was just really, really good customer service. Review By Cynthia P. June 24th, 2014.

1400 9-Apr-15 Town And Country Roofing Inc. “Roof Makes My House Look New”! (Town & Country Roofing Tumwater Wa.) Ron, I wanted to thank you and your team for repairing my roof in March 2013. And then Town and Country (Roofing) came out again in March 2015 to fix another area. Needless to say when it was past time for a “New” roof I didn’t hesitate to look to Town and Country Roofing (Tumwater Wa). Your team did a terrific job on my GAF ROOF. It makes my house look new. I had a lot of compliments from my neighbors. I talked to Steve Beebe (Always Gutters) about the gutter face boards. I hope you will use my house as an example of Bark Wood GAF Roofing. Review By Evelyn W. April, 9th 2015.
1401 3-Jun-14 Town And Country Roofing Inc. “Most Generous Gift Ever” (Town & Country Roofing Tumwater Wa.)                                                                 Thank you for the roof you kindly provided for my family. Your team at Town and Country Roofing (Tumwater Wa.) are the best and did an amazing job. This by far far was one of the most generous gifts we have ever received. Thank you again. Deeanna, Kenny, Maddie. June, 2014.
1402 6-Dec-13 Town And Country Roofing Inc. “Came With 50 Year Warranty”-Town & Country Roofing (Tumwater Wa.)                                 The original builder of my home used fewer shingles than he should have. This caused ‘soft’ spots in my roof. They (Town and Country Roofing Tumwater Wa.) had to replace all of the decking, flashing, fixed the seals on my two skylights and installed new shingles. All of this was included in the original, detailed estimate. They also re-flashed all of the areas that needed it. The new roof came with a 50 year warranty. The man who came to give the estimate was wonderfully professional, and it was a pleasure to deal with them throughout the whole project. I would definitely recommend them to anyone! Irene G. Olympia Washington, December 06, 2013.
1403 14-Jun-13 Town And Country Roofing Inc. Town & Country Roofing (Tumwater Wa.) Work With Hands On Museum                                 Thank you Town and Country Roofing (Tumwater Wa.) for your In-Kind gift of labor and installation of flashing on our Naturalist Cabin. We are so grateful for your support of the Hands On Children’s Museum. Your gift supports our vision of a Hands On Museum that inspires a lifelong love of learning for all children and families throughout the Puget Sound region. Patty B., Executive Director (Hands On) Olympia Washington, June14, 2013.
1404 27-Oct-14 Town And Country Roofing Inc. “Worth Their Weight In Gold” (Town And Country Roofing Tumwater Wa.) Great job! I don’t know where you have found the two young men who cleaned my roof, gutters, driveway etc.. And treated our roof for Moss. But they were worth their weight in gold! Thank you and especially thank them! I won’t hesitate to recommend Town and Country Roofing (Tumwater Wa.) to anyone! Review done 10/27/14. Ed and Shirley L. Yelm, Washington.
1405 1-Aug-14 Town And Country Roofing Inc. “Can’t Believe How Clean Everything Was”-Town & Country Roofing (Tumwater) Thanks Town and Country Roofing (Tumwater)! You were wonderful to work with. And I gave your card to my neighbor & your information to my parents. I can’t believe how clean everything was left after the roof was done! Hurray for you guys! Review by DeAnne B. August, 2014.
1406 1-May-13 Town And Country Roofing Inc. “No Fuss Or Mess”! (Town & Country Roofing, Tumwater)                                                                                Town & Country Roofing (Tumwater), Thank you for a great roof with no fuss or mess! I appreciate all the help including the ceiling fix. Even the crabby neighbor down the street complimented the work and look of my new roof. Big Win! Reviewer and Date, Julie F. May, 2013.
1407 1-Jul-13 Town And Country Roofing Inc. “Prompt Response”/Town & Country Roofing                                                   Thank you so much for the work Town and Country (Roofing) did for us on the weekend! And thanks for the prompt response. It was very nice not to worry about our roof while we were out of town for our sons Hospital stay. Thanks again, much appreciated. Review by Justine and Pat H. Gold Creek, Wa. 7.01.13.
1408 25-Apr-15 Town And Country Roofing Inc. “First Class Product” (Town And Country Roofing)                         Town and Country Roofing (Tumwater Wa.) were great to work with. Most of the roofers who came to bid on our job just stopped by, threw up a ladder, ran around on the roof for awhile, and gave me a price to replace the shingles. Doug at Town and Country took the time to not only walk the roof but also the exterior of the house examining the eaves and went up in the attic and prowled around for awhile. He spent quite awhile explaining to me the problems that he observed and how he proposed to fix them. In the end, Doug won us over with his thoroughness and honest communication. We hired them, they gave us a time frame when they would be here to do the job, they showed up when they said they would and had the job done when they said they would. I called up Doug and told him about it and he and several assistants were out the next day to rectify the situation. We now have a beautiful appearing roof which should be relatively easy to maintain, a better ventilated attic which should keep the house cooler in the summer, and hopefully no more major roofing expenses as long as we continue to own this house.Bottom line: Town and Country will deliver a first class product and stand behind their work. I would definitely hire them again. Review By Dan S. 4.25.2015.
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