Membership Benefits

1. One-year membership in the TruWeb Verified national business association.
Association members are anchored to positive customer reviews that are 3rd-party verified.

2. Up to 10 of your reviews per year will appear online on the TruWeb Verified website.
This provides an SEO boost as your reviews land on various sites that link back to the corporate website.

3. Pre-approval for access to subscribing sites that utilize only 3rd-party-verified reviews.
Third-party verified reviews gain better positioning with consumers and search engines.

4. Insights from TWV founders and association members to maximize your web exposure.

5. Email access to industry leaders in reputation and online review management.

Membership Criteria

• TruWeb Verified works with the top 5% of businesses in various industries

• Established business within a marketplace or field

• Ready access to and availability of collected, easily verified customer or client-generated reviews

• Annual membership fees as little as $99/month.
There is an out-of-pocket expense for 3rd verification of reviews.

• Your credit card will be automatically billed.

TruWeb Verified reviews have been certified as true and accurate; posted by real people with actual experiences with the business or individual in the reviews. They are testimonials you can trust. If a review isn’t stamped by TruWeb Verified, it may not be true.

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