LeafGuard Atlanta Reviews

May 12, 2015 - 5 minutes read
150 1259 20-Mar-15 Beldon Leaf Guard Atlanta Nothing But Praise (LeafGuard of North Georgia)                            LeafGuard of Atlanta did a professional job from beginning to end. Each employee involved in the process was top-notch. I have nothing but praise for everyone associated with the job. Review by Muriel E. of Lithonia, GA Mar 20, 2015 Guild Quality TRH http://www.bestofthesoundreviews.com/
151 1260 23-Mar-15 Beldon Leaf Guard Atlanta A Company That I Can Wholeheartedly Recommend (LeafGuard Atlanta)                                   Mr. Kenny was a very good representative for the company. He was a former customer of leaf guard and was so impressed with the company that when he retired, he went to work for LeafGuard of North Georgia. It is a pleasure to find a company that you can wholeheartedly recommend. Cummings 3.23.15 Guild Quality TRH http://www.bestreputationreviews.com/
152 1261 11-Mar-15 Beldon Leaf Guard Atlanta “They Are Wonderful” (LeafGuard Atlanta)
They are wonderful. Chris from (LeafGuard Atlanta) who is the one who initially came out and he was terrific. He is the one that sold me on the product. Josh was fantastic. He was the only one there and he got it done so much faster than I thought. Review by Blair B. of Marietta, GA Mar 11, 2015
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153 1262 13-Mar-15 Beldon Leaf Guard Atlanta  High Quality Materials (LeafGuard Atlanta)
I appreciated the high quality of the materials, the management attitude and professionalism, and the effectiveness of the crew while they were on my property. In every instance, whether it was sales or management or the technicians, everybody was concerned that I was satisfied before they left my presence. LeafGuards crew walked around the house with me, and we made three changes without a hassle. Everything was perfect before they left. If I wasn’t satisfied they didn’t want to leave.  Review by Diana E. of Woodstock, GA Mar 13, 2015
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154 1263 27-Jan-15 Beldon Leaf Guard Atlanta I used them Now, Used Them Before and Will Use Them Again (LeafGuard Atlanta)
I used LeafGuard before, used them now, and will use them again! Review by Greg D. of Jasper, GA Jan 27, 2015.
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155 1264 15-Jan-15 Beldon Leaf Guard Atlanta Thorough, Friendly, Knowledgeable-LeafGuard North Georgia
LeafGuard Boston, was thorough, friendly, knowledgeable. The product is great, and keeps my husband off the roof. I think the price is very reasonable. Review by Lori P. of Douglasville, GA Jan 15, 2015.
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156 1265 16-Dec-14 Beldon Leaf Guard Atlanta Never More Satisfied With Anything-LeafGuard Atlanta
I have never been more satisfied with anything we have had done to our home then Leaf Guard (Atlanta). They came on time, done a great job, cleaned up, and was gone by lunchReview. by Kenneth L. of Temple, GA Dec 16, 2014.
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157 1266 5-Dec-14 Beldon Leaf Guard Atlanta Appreciated The Salesman at LeafGuard Atlanta
I appreciated that the salesman from (LeafGuard Atlanta) was very clear. He wanted to bring up anything that was pertinent to my project (things like usage of lead paint, etc). The crew did the work exactly as promised. They came in and said this is what we will do and did everything the way they said they would. If I had suggestions about the drains or that type of thing, they would give me their feedback, and then act accordingly. comment from Dacula, GA Dec 05, 2014
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158 1267 2-Feb-15 Beldon Leaf Guard Atlanta Less Expensive Than I Thought (LeafGuard Atlanta)
My experience with LeafGuard Atlanta was an excellent one. They were less expensive than I thought they were going to be. They were very professional, did everything they said they were going to do, and I am pleased with the overall product. Steve S. of Kennesaw, GA Feb 02, 2015.
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159 1268 31-Jan-15 Beldon Leaf Guard Atlanta LeafGuard Experience Was Excellent-LeafGuard Atlanta
My experience with LeafGuard was excellent. Everything was installed properly. The salesperson was professional, on time, informative, and laid out financing options for us. The entire experience was good, from the beginning to the end. I would recommend them to my friends and neighbors. I would not hesitate to have them work on my home again. Review by Sam W. of Cumming, GA Dec 02, 2014.
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