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June 12, 2019 - 2 minutes read

To whom it may concern,

As a person who spends my life constantly looking for growth in all aspects of my life, I find it easy to identify other people like me. When I met Dave Aycock many years ago I was instantly impressed with his charisma and leadership style. Over the years of working with him at Haselwood Auto Group, I have been able to see firsthand how he has positively impacted so many people’s lives including my own. Dave is first and foremost, an amazing listener. When you speak to him you know that he is trying hard, not just to hear your word, but to understand your perspective. You get the feeling that he cares and you know that if there was something you needed advice on, he would be the person to go to. Recently I faced some personal challenges and Dave reached out to me. He offered me some advice and encouragement that really got me back in stride and helped me understand that it was just a small set back and even, quite possibly, a blessing. Since then, he has offered other small tidbits that are absolutely life changing.

When I heard Dave was considering being a Life and Performance Coach, I knew that it was his calling. Dave is a man with enormous amounts of knowledge, inspiration, experience who has the ability to help you define your vision and give you the confidence and the step by step process to achieve that vision. I am so happy that Dave has decided to do this and I can’t wait to see the massive impact he makes on other people’s lives.

Thank you Dave for all of your support and inspiration. I truly appreciate what you do and who you are.

Good luck!

Shane Wood

General Manager

Port Orchard Ford

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