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June 12, 2019 - 5 minutes read

I write this letter with the utmost respect for the person in which I am about to speak about.  Mr. David Aycock and I are both Marines that have served our country and are now doing other things in the civilian sector.  David was one of my Platoon Sergeants, responsible for making personnel decisions at the highest levels of the 1st Marine Division aboard Camp Pendleton, CA.  Before I go forward, I need to say that David, by trade, was an Infantryman.  When I learned that he would be working in my office, I was excited because I knew that Infantrymen were hard workers.  Well, what came to our office surpassed anything that I could have hoped for in a million years.  Then Sergeant Aycock, David was not only responsible for making personnel decisions, he was also responsible for the development of junior Marines.  He worked with them daily and held them to a very high standard that he NEVER lowered.  He expected out of his Marines nothing short of their very best and because of his impeccable example, they followed their leader.  He mentored each junior Marine in the office – regardless of the section that they worked in.  He knew their capabilities and he employed them based on things that could showcase their talents.  When he saw someone getting down on themselves, he was right there to help them get back up on their feet.  He did this masterfully and I was so amazed at his maturity, capability and intellect.

David and I met after working hours at my desk almost daily.  We fed off each other’s motivation.  I put him positions to showcase his talents for teaching and mentoring and he took full advantage of those opportunities.  We discussed things like: how to improve the efficiency of the office, how to motivate unmotivated Marines, what was the best way to train to get the very best out of each person.  And while those conversations went on for about an hour after working hours, I must say, while I was senior to him in grade, he was the one doing most of the talking.  I was simply amazed at how he could forecast and see things down the road, long before they got to him.  He had a knack for capturing someone’s talents and showing that person how to get the most out of those talents.  All the while, he helped people improve upon things that they lacked.

If I were the owner of a business, I would eagerly seek out David Aycock to either come coach my teams or have him run the day to day of my business.  He is that good and I expect that if you are reading this, you are contemplating doing business with him or hiring him.  Either way, I must say – grab this guy before someone else does.  You will not regret the results this guy brings out.  I was not surprised when I heard he was the General Manager at a car dealership (responsible for the development of a sale staff through coaching and mentoring). Now, he’s moving on to bigger and better things and I hope I get to a place where I need the support of a great leader and motivator.  I plan to reach out to David Aycock and secure his services.


Rolandus N. Branch, MPA

Master Sergeant, USMC, Ret


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