About TruWeb Verified

TruWeb Verified is a Cooperative Association of businesses and professionals. It was founded by established business owners and professionals with a history of good standing and positive consumer relationships within their marketplace. The Association was established to protect against malicious, false, anonymous and or non-verified online reviews.

TruWeb Verified Association members are more equipped to defend themselves against the for-profit often extortionist online review industry.

By verifying via a third-party that they were views are real. This third-party verification allows those reviews to be distributed and available to hundreds of online review sites that subscribe exclusively to two web verification services.

What We Believe

TruWeb Verified firmly holds that the consumer marketplace is poorly served by not having a assurance, by an independent 3rd party, that the online reviews they read are authentic and came from a genuine customer, who has genuinely received services or product from that business or professional.


Business’ and professionals must apply for membership. The review verification process identifies a very select group of the very best in any industry.

Honest Feedback

The strict requirements of TruWeb Verified’s placed on membership assures the consumer that they are getting the most honest customer feedback that is available on the web.